Our Story

Established on 2017, Yarih.com is a U.S. and Philippines based eCommerce trade company, established in Tacloban City, Leyte Visayas, Philippines with a market place concept which consists of collective types of entrepreneur and manufacturers.

We do not sell products, we simply provide a web platform for manufacturers and business owners and help facilitates the exchanges of goods.

Our story began in 2016. Edward Lavilla who lived in California had been watching the rise of India and China in the global market. He had a vision to create something that would re-energize and revolutionize the way Filipinos do business around the world.

This vision was just a mere thought, an idea which I shared to a brother in our church named Markus Reyes. It was his enthusiasm and encouragement that led me to make this vision a reality. He introduced me to a friend he went to college with from the Philippines named Kenneth Telmo (Telmo Solutions), who had the knowledge and background to help us get this project started.

Now having the 3 of us on board we founded and created what is now YARIH.COM 2017. Yarih is derived from the Filipino language “Yari” meaning “Made”. This is based on the idea that everything in Yarih.com will be originally MADE IN THE PHILIPPINES.

“We are not here to compete. We are here to make a difference and to work with all nation to build a better future for the next generation. We Pray that we all become successful in this life”.

This is only the beginning and I cant wait to share this journey with all of you.


Our team

Edward Lavilla

Chief Executive Officer
Info coming soon.
Markus Reyes

Markus Reyes

Chief Operating Officer
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Kenneth Telmo

John Kenneth Telmo

Chief Technology Officer
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